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Yeye’s Indigo S23 Headwraps

Yeye’s Indigo S23 Headwraps

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Yeyes Indigo is a fair-trade, black owned africa print textile brand founded by Thandiwe, also known as Iyanifa Osuntoki. 

Each traditional tie & dye (adire) headwrap (gele), wrap skirt (iro), and or top (buba) has been handcrafted in Osogbo, Osun State, Nigeria, and cleansed in sacred waters collected from the Osun Osogbo River.

Put intention in what you place on your temple.

Inspired by Yeyes Magical Indigowritten by Thandiwe 

(available via this shop or on Amazon)

styles and wrapping tutorials available at @thandiiiii (IG)

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