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Ifa & Orisa Services

Ifa & Orisa Services

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Osuntoki, also known as Thandiwe, is a priestess of Ifa and priestess of Osun, and has been trained in the Isese Ifa and Orisa tradition since 2015 by her Oluwo Chief Oniluawoedu Awosanmi Sekou Alaje and Iya Osun Osunsina Alaje, and was initiated to Ifa by Agbongbon Fakayode Faniyi, Agbongbon Awo of Osogbo, Osun, Nigeria and also initiated to Osun Osogbo by Hrm. Iya Oya Osundara, Iya Oya of Osun State. 

As a trained initiate of Ifa & Orisa, Osuntoki renders services in the realm of:


  • Ifa and Orisa offerings
  • Ori Cleanse (spiritual head cleansing and fortification) 
  • Egungun (ancestor) offerings 
  • Ifa reading / spiritual consultation 
  • rites of passage / ceremonies 


during Ifa and Orisa appeasements, Iyanifa Osuntoki gives offering of prayer and kola nut (obi abata) to the shrine of the selected Orisa / energy on behalf of the client that purchases the service. Iya Osuntoki also uses the kola nut to facilitate communication between the client and the spirit they are offering to. 

offerings are scheduled when booked and done virtually via video call, video message, text, or email. 

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